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Introducing Camp Easy's latest release the Road Chef Oven Baking Tray. Always choose genuine Roaf Chef Products for the best results.

  • Better Air Circulation

  • Even Cooking for a Tastier Meal

  • Room to Store Oven Racks

  • 304 Moulded Stainless Steel

The Road Chef Oven Baking Tray takes 12-volt cooking to the next level. The 304 stainless steel moulded tray has been ingeniously designed to allow meals baked in the Road Chef Oven to cook faster, with the heat being spread around the inside of the oven in a more even manner, creating a tastier meal. 


Testing shows that air needs to be allowed to circulate around the oven in three ways to get the best results. The tray has holes punched down either side of the tray allowing the heat from the element on the bottom of the oven to circulate to the top of the oven.

GGenuine Road Chef Oven Baking Tray

GST Included
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