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Road Chef 12 Volt Oven

The Road Chef oven is a compact and convenient way to cook great tasting food when you are on the move or camping. From a rolling across the Nullarbor to a family making their once in a lifetime trip to the tip of Cape York, the Road Chef oven will help you Money, Save Time and Eat Well.




The days of looking for your nearest fast food restaurant are now over. The Road Chef 12V Oven is the ideal companion for the 4WD tourer, truckie, tradie or camper. Each oven connects directly to your 12V cigarette socket, enabling you to cook a meal while traveling to your next destination. You can now eat pre-packaged meals as you travel.



Each oven is manufactured from marine-grade stainless steel and fully insulated for protection. With a maximum of up to 180 degrees in temperature, the Road Chef is designed with the capabilities of even cooking your favorite roast! Two dials on the front, each for regulating the temperature and time, the Road Chef is ideal for cooking even the most delicate of foods whilst traveling on the road. With included adjustable trays, it's able to be used as required. 



Don't worry about the oven moving about as you travel, each Road Chef includes two tie-down brackets providing the option for a secure oven.



1. Fused Anderson Plug (Best option)

2. Cigarette Lighter Plug

3. Merit Plug



  • Perfect for Pre-Prepared Meals

  • Dessert

  • Fits 8 Pies At Once



  • Pizzas

  • Snacks 


We recommend preheating the oven approximately 30min before intended use to reduce cooking times.


Road Chef 12 VOLT 4X4 Marine Oven

SKU: 16
$299.00 Regular Price
$290.00Sale Price
GST Included
  • Up to 180 Degrees Celsius

    • Thermostat Control

    • Timer Control

    • Anderson Plug

    • Merit Plug

    • Cigarette Plug

    • Adjustable Trays

    • Heavy Duty Door Latch

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