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Tuff Trek Mk 3 Introduction

The Tuff Trek Load bearing Tents address the Touring Communities desire for Low Profile, Ligth weight Storage space for Firewood, Surfboards, bkies and Swags on vehicles, while also presenting one of the higest quality finish High Lift clamshell Roof top tents in the world.

Ifs Frame runs East West across the tent base and roof, allowing it to be installed in Lieu of a roof rack basket using Tough Touring Fitting Kits for the Lowest possible installation - Total Height increases of just 210mm at the front and  280mm at the back overall have been achieved. (Tent and rack installed) - 

All Aluminium Construction using the lightest weight materals and design, sets this High Lifting tent into unsurpassed Luxury in the environment.  Unique awning design prevents rain ingress and simple set up and pack up - All Bedding can be carried inside the tent, despite its low profile geometry and incredible load strength. 


New awning alert - The Bundutec 180 Awning
2.45 and 2.95 Grey. Call now to order yours

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